February 17 2019 (C) Sixth Sunday of the Year Reflection & Dialogue

The Bible as Guide in Life and Liturgy (Sunday Readings)

Reflection & Dialogue: Joy of the Kingdom of God, God’s plan for those who accept him, unlike the others.

The message of today’s readings is so clear as to require little comment on their relevance to our or any other day. That of the first reading and the Beatitudes is on stressed by Jesus in his teaching throughout his public life: Pay attention to the one thing necessary. Seek first the kingdom of God and all that belongs to it.  In our own day that means the message as proclaimed by the Church, coming to life in attention to the sacraments and practice of the faith.

            It is all at variance with prevailing attitudes today, with so many of the young, and the not so young. A remedy to the situation is not easily found. But God’s word is still alive and active, addressing its beatitudes and warnings: “Happy are you”; “Alas for you”.