21 April 2019 (C) EASTER SUNDAY Reflection and Dialogue

The Risen Christ Centre of Christian life. Christian witness In the first reading Peter stresses that the apostles are attested witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection, with the task of proclaiming to all what Jesus’ saving mission meant. The message of the second reading is that all followers of Christ should be witnesses to the new life … [Read more…]

14 April 2019 (C) PALM SUNDAY Reflection & Dialogue: The gentleness of Christ urges us on

Today’s readings present ample material for reflection. For the greater part they are so clear that they hardly need to be explained. The application of the message of the readings to circumstances of our own day can also be rather easily done.             The first and second readings for the Mass itself present the figure … [Read more…]

Reflection 24 March 2019 (C) Third Sunday of Lent

Reflection & Dialogue with Questions of the Day: God is love, but he cannot condone wrongdoing That God is love is beyond doubt. As the response in the Responsorial Psalm in today’s Mass says: “The Lord is compassion and love”. The evidence of both the Old and the New Testaments bear abundant witness to God’s … [Read more…]

17 March 2019 St Patrick, Bishop, Patron of Ireland Reflection & Dialogue: Transfigured in Christ. Confirmed in the faith.

Reflection & Dialogue: We preach the Gospel not to please mortals, but to please God. Eternal voices: Christ, Peter, Patrick. Messages for St Patrick’s Day On this feast of our national apostle there are many voices inviting us to listen. It is Christ himself who speaks when Holy Scripture is read in the church, and … [Read more…]

10 March 2019 (C) First Sunday of Lent Reflection & Dialogue with Questions of the Day

Reflection & Dialogue with Questions of the Day: Message of Lent: The Central Christian Creed. Religion and Spirituality Today’s liturgy presents an opportunity to reflect on some central Christian truths. The Jewish creed of the first reading had Israel reflect on God’s goodness in the past. The creed in the second reading is a stark … [Read more…]