Sunday Readings With Matthew



Following on from these pages the above edition “Sunday Readings from Matthew” has been published (2016) by Veritas Publications, 7-8 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. Copies are available direct from Veritas, or at Veritas shops, and can be ordered trough ISBN. (978 1 84730 770 5)


The earlier talks give treat of some introductory questions on the place of Scripture in Christian living. For the Scripture readings relevant information is given on the original setting, followed by reflections on application to present day Christian life. The second talk presents an occasion to discuss some question of importance being currently discussed, for instance modern atheism, secularism, questions related to evolution such as creation, cosmology, Darwin, Dawkins, genesis chapter 1 and 2.

After the first meeting it became clear to the speaker that something more enduring that a mere encounter was indicated, resulting in this present internet sit, with bibliographies, internet links to relevant sites and such like.

Contact person for the series: Neilus O’Doherty,